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We are Voices for the Salish Sea! We are raising our voices in songs for Chinook salmon and Southern Resident Orcas, bull kelp, gumboot chitons and eelgrass. We sing stories about rumrunners, loggers and fishers, tugboat and steamboat captains and explorers. We are voices for forests and rivers... for the ecosystems and habitats in watersheds that drain into the Salish Sea. We are singing out for the ocean symphonies that sustain all life on Earth and reaching out to everyone who cares about the future of life and wants to work together.

Our goal for Voices for the Salish Sea is to entertain, engage and educate by presenting family- friendly live music concerts. The purpose of each performance is to promote awareness, a sense of advocacy, stewardship, and support for the unique Ecosystem that is our Salish Sea


Our songs are the medium and the message

Songs like Steamboatin Jamiesons and Where The Coho Flash Silver tell boisterous and vivid stories about coastal pioneers. Waiting For Orca, Salish Sea and The Sea Among Us delve into the web of oceanic life and iconic species such as wild salmon and Orcas.


Engaging communities through choirs and schools

The Voices For The Salish Sea project provides choral arrangements in advance so that community and youth choirs can join in the joy and fun of performing in the concerts with the Tiller’s Folly/Wilds band.

Daytime educational concerts for elementary and secondary schools involve students in learning songs, and give teachers music-based learning resources that provide curriculum-linked activities connected to song lyrics.

The stories and songs of Voices for the Salish Sea are supported by breathtaking multi-media, including excerpts from award-winning film makers Rick Wood and Geoffrey Schaaf, and feature addresses by whale specialists Ken Balcomb (Center for Whale Research) and Howard Garrett (Orca Network) among others. Musical performances are accentuated by beautiful marine wildlife photography, cinematography, and even an animated short.


Our end goal

The end goals for Voices for the Salish Sea are to 1) create a body of media work to act as a legacy project. To preserve our performances, document our journey, our interaction with others in media works that reflect the thoughts, hopes, and concerns of our generation. To create a dynamic and impactful statement. To educate and entertain.  2) Stimulate support for future Voices for the Salish Sea projects in communities.

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