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Some comments from audience members:

"I was very impressed with this group - their vocal and instrumental mastery, the message they are sharing, and most of all the inclusion of the local children's choir. You could clearly see how big an impact being involved with this kind of presentation had on those kids! And on us, the audience.  I have never missed a concert in 5 years, and this time I won a bottle of wine! Thanks for all the great work you do in bringing this quality of music to Creston."

"Loved their concert, and their happy collaboration with the the local school children." 

"I thought it was an excellent concert, and especially enjoyed having the kids choir as part of the concert."

"The recent concert: Voices For The Salish Sea that we recently attended was outstanding in every way. The presentation was so timely in this time where climate change is being discussed throughout the world.


"Thank you for this wonderful performance and for involving the students and their choir director from Morman Hills in this concert."


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