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The waters and shores of the Salish Sea are the shared home to 37 species of mammals, 172 species of birds, 247 species of fish and more than 3,000 species of invertebrates. This lush marine ecosystem, this rare inland sea is home to orcas, seals, bald eagles, Pacific salmon, abalone, crabs and clams.

Bordering on major port cities including Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia, and Bellingham, Seattle and Tacoma in Washington State, the Salish Sea’s human population is estimated to stand between 7 and 8 million people.

Despite the persistent effects of pollution associated with most port cities, the Salish Sea has shown amazing resiliency. Practices are slowly changing, and there is hope that we may someday regain much of what has been lost by way of historic salmon and cetacean populations, but there are still clear and immediate threats to the health and well-being of this living, breathing inland ocean.

We invite the citizens of British Columbia and Washington State to join with us as together we raise our Voices for the Salish Sea!

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