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Artists for Orcas 

The idea was simple; use music to raise awareness.


So in early 2016 Holly Arntzen & Kevin Wright from The Wilds got together with Laurence Knight, Nolan Murray & Bruce Coughlan of Tiller's Folly. A mutual friend and bandmate, Shawn Soucy invited us to his Spirit Studio where, along with friend Ted Tosoff, we recorded this version of Bring Lolita Home, a song that Bruce had written.

Nolan reached out to his friends Howard Garrett of the Orca Network and Ken Balcomb at the Centre for Whale Research on San Juan Island. Through those connections we were able to obtain this stunning footage.

Bring Lolita Home

Bring Lolita Home

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Bring Lolita Home

The attention that Bring Lolita Home gained with Orca advocates both regionally and internationally brought us in touch with a number of organizations and First Nations communities who share our passion for the amazing place we call the Salish Sea.


In the span of a single year our vision has grown. Voices for the Salish Sea is a natural progression of what we set out to do a year ago: To use music to raise awareness.

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